We are a Church in Sunninghill.

Our global movement of churches has a mission to honour God by establishing Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation of the world.

Every Nation Sunninghill is a part of the Every Nation Johannesburg Churches that together have a vision to see lives, community and society transformed through discipleship in the word the presence and the power of God.

The kind of Church that we are building is:


We love the God who loves us. We live our lives in passionate relationship and obedience to Jesus. It’s this great love that we have experienced in Him, that we in turn enjoy sharing with others.

Matthew 22vs37,39 | John 14vs15

Disciple Making

We believe that the priority of the New Testament Church is to make new disciples of all nations, including all ethnicities and age groups. We believe that discipleship happens best through relationships. Throughout the week we see intentionally gather in smaller groups where we can connect with others. click on the link to find a group that you can join (suggest a click on link to connect groups page).

Matthew 28vs19,20 | 2 Tim 2vs2

Everyone gets to Play

We love the phrase “Everyone get’s to Play” describing how we value people of all ages and all cultures and all that they have to contribute. We help people discover their God given gifts and talents through “Live Connected” (suggest a click on link to the live connected page) and use these to make a difference. We constantly looking for creative ways to use these gifts generously to be a practical blessing to the people and their communities around us.

Matthew 5vs14-16


God has called us to be a church family. Children and youth are important members of the church. These are the world changers of our today and tomorrow. We believe in the older generation empowering the younger generation to the Glory of God. From single parent homes to large families, all are welcome home.

Joel 1:3 / Prov 22v6 / 2 Tim 2v2


We are a part of a growing global movement of people called Every Nation. Together we are focused on taking the mission of God into every area of society. We want to plant churches, reach universities, cities & nations. We want to change the world.

Acts 17v6 | Acts 1vs8